Nicholas Lavella

Philadelphia-based artist Nicholas Lavella crafts large scale interactive light installations that merge technology and design to enrich both public and private spaces. His notable projects, "Fences" and "Reflections", encourage viewer participation, creating captivating experiences with generative lighting patterns that respond to audience movement.

Nicholas's passion for fusing technology with art developed further during his studies at Emerson College. His early work, "Lumens," showcased his interest in using digital tools to create interactive experiences that respond to their environment.

Designed to be flexible and adaptable, his installations fit a variety of settings, from art galleries to outdoor public spaces. Through his work, Nicholas encourages viewers to engage with and reflect on the interplay of technology, light, and space. His continued exploration strives to produce works that are not only engaging but also invite viewers to perceive their environments in new ways.



Fences, Luna Fete, New Orleans, LA


Reflections, Canal Convergence, Scottsdale, AZ

Fences, Blink, Cincinnati, OH


Fences, Canal Convergence, Scottsdale, AZ


Emerge, Philadelphia, PA


Lumens, Emerson College, Boston, MA