For Hire


Nicholas crafts dynamic digital experiences for hire, featuring fluid animations and immersive effects. As a creative partner, he is dedicated to custom projects that demand sophistication and meticulous attention to detail, particularly those with complex animations and designs.

As a dedicated agency partner, much of Nicholas's work is protected by non-disclosure agreements, which restrict the sharing of specific project details. However, here are snapshots and technical descriptions of some recent projects.

Award-Winning Portfolio

Next.js and GSAP landing page, for Nicholas's 2023 portfolio. Received Honorable Mention at

Wordpress Marketing Site

Custom HTML, CSS, and JS with minimal plugins, featuring Advanced Custom Fields for a tailored CMS architecture.

Static Agency Website

Utilizes Next.js and GSAP for page transitions and loading animations, integrated with a headless WordPress blog.

E-commerce SPA

Custom implementation of Shopify's Hydrogen for a headless storefront.

Fullscreen Takeover Experience

Developed within an existing Next.js website, featuring scroll-based animations via GSAP.

3D Architectural Simulation

Interactive experience using Three.js within a Next.js framework, allowing navigation through various 3D rooms.

Google Maps Locator Feature

Incorporates Google Maps API for mapping and geo-lookup, connect to real-time data api, seamlessly integrated into an existing WordPress site.

Infographic Landing Page

Features CSS animations tailored for an infographic-style presentation.

Please reach out to schedule a call to discuss Nicholas's additional work experience, code samples, and to gain access to his private project gallery, which features snippets of previous projects.

Nicholas collaborates with a diverse array of full-service agencies, employing 10 to 200+ individuals, located throughout the Northeast.

For Small Teams & Companies

On-Demand Development: Nicholas offers full-stack capabilities, encompassing technical direction, project development, deployment, and maintenance, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of small teams and companies.

For Large Teams & Agencies

Front-End Development Support: He provides expert front-end development support within existing teams or large-scale projects. Nicholas is adept at collaborating on comprehensive projects or spearheading specific components.

"Nick is great to work with - he was proactive, communicative, asked smart questions, and always had thoughtful suggestions. His code was always spot-on AND delivered on time."

Anna - Director, Digital Production

"Working with Nick is always a pleasure. He's very skilled in a number of areas pertaining to web development. He's quick. He's reliable and his markup is always error-free. You won't be disappointed in working with Nick!"

Justin - EVP, Marketing Technology & Media

"I have worked with Nick on several complex projects and in all cases, the work was done on time, on budget, and with a high degree of professionalism. Nick not only did exceptional work based on the specs of each project but he also gave input on how to make the end product even better."

Greg - Director, Creative Services